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Soundtrack EP on Bandcamp - 4/18/2014
The talented musicigicians (that's a portmanteau of musicians and magicians) of Laser Destroyer Team have finally released the 5-track EP for the Always Sometimes Monsters soundtrack. You can listen to it right now for free on the Bandcamp page, or for a mere $3.00 you can get high-quality downloads and help support the band.

PAX East Wrap-Up - 4/16/2014
Over and done with another PAX, we'd like to take a moment to thank all the vagabonds who came out and tried our new demo and gave us such great feedback. We'd also like to thank all the other developers for their kind words and folks behind the Indie Megabooth for making it all possible. Lastly, but not leastly, our sugar daddies at Devolver Digital for making sure we were well taken care of in the after hours - you all rock hard!

Steam Pre-Orders Available - 4/4/2014
If you've been waiting for the day to add Always Sometimes Monsters to your Steam wishlist or pre-order a copy straight to your Steam library, today's the day you can! Right now we're running a 10% discount on all pre-orders through to our release on May 21 and we have a brand new trailer that showcases the game's themes and tone.

Foolhardy Announcement - 4/1/2014
The first of April is a fittingly unreal day for something as unbelievable as seeing the Steam page for Always Sometimes Monsters get revealed for the first time. There's some new screenshots and our teaser video on there for now, but come Friday we'll be pre-orders will be available as well as a brand new trailer for the game.

Always Sometimes Monsters at EGX Rezzed - 3/28/2014
For the loyal subjects of Her Majesty Big Ben that are attending EGX Rezzed in Birmingham this weekend, Devolver will be showing off a brand new demo for Always Sometimes Monsters. If you're interested in checking out, come by the booth and give it a spin!

Devolver Digital GDC Sale - 3/18/2014
GDC 2014 is running through this week and our sugar daddies over at Devolver Digital have seen fit to create a virtual monument to their gold-standard relationship with independent developers. As well as a bevy of glowing recommendations for the publisher, several games including Always Sometimes Monsters are being discounted on the shrine.

Prepare Your Earholes - 3/15/2014
In addition to a brand new demo debuting at PAX East, Laser Destroyer Team has been preparing a preview EP of the Always Sometimes Monsters soundtrack. If you're interested in picking up a copy along with a set of posters from the band, be sure to stop by the booth.

Shipping Up To Boston - 2/20/2014
PAX East is happening this April 11-13 in Boston, Massachusetts and Vagabond Dog will be attending. We will be featuring a brand new demo of Always Sometimes Monsters, so if you're going to the show be sure to stop by and give it a try. More details to follow.

The Team

Justin Amirkhani - Creative Director

Jake Reardon - Chief Logic Officer

Emilio Aceves-Amaya - Environment Artist

Donovan Liu - Character Artist

Victor Cueva Rodriguez - Sprite Animator

Shaun Hatton - Music Lead

Troy Morrissey - Sound Lead

Janine Smith - Production Assistant

Fork Parker - Wallet